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GrandParents, Parents, and Relatives-----send a personal letter from Santa

Someone you love can receive a personal letter from Santa...and you can help cure diabetes too! NOTE: THIS PROGRAM IS OPEN TO ALL CHILDREN WHETHER THEY HAVE DIABETES OR NOT!
Yes, Virginia (and Emma, and Maria, and Max, and Willie…), there is a Santa Claus. To prove it, ‘Ole Saint Nick himself will send a personalized letter – complete with a North Pole stamp – to any child, in any part of the world. This 5th annual jolly holiday fundraiser kicks off this year on Monday, November 23rd, 2015. Children love writing a letter to Santa; think how thrilling will it be when Santa actually writes TO YOUR child!

$15 for 1 child
$25 for 2 children
$40 for 3-5 children at the same address.
Different address is a different order

After you make your donation; YOU NEED TO SEND AN EMAIL to Tom at and he will forward the information to Santa's elves.
The full name(s) of the child(children)
Their age
What they want for Christmas?
What is something special about your child
What is their favorite activity?
What is their pet’s name---is there anything they do together?
Is there anything about school and studies that can be mentioned?
What would you like mentioned about diabetes, if anything?
(the more you add the more personal the letter can be).

If you want Santa to mention something about diabetes he gladly will (be specific). Please feel free to add anything else that will help Santa. (Likes, sports, classes, school, something special etc.) And DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE THE ADDRESS TO WHERE THE LETTER(s) SHOULD BE SENT.

THE LAST DAY for requests in the USA is Midnight, Tuesday December 10th, 2015. And for any area OUTSIDE the USA the deadline for a request is December 6th, 2015.

Merry Christmas.

Thank you for your support of the Diabetes Research Institute.
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